09 septembre 2015


Tea and cake figured highly in the celebrations. The Tea and Tattle tearooms and bookshop in Russell Square was offering 15 per cent off afternoon teas — which for today only came with a slice of “Queen Elizabeth II sponge”.
Christopher Ma, 34, who manages the shop with his brother Tim, said “royalty was good for business”. He added: “We wanted to celebrate the Queen’s big day and thank her for bringing in custom from around the world and promoting our country far and wide.”
The East India Tea Company was marking the occasion by serving Royal Flush Black Tea at its flagship store in Conduit Street. The tea is harvested from plants propagated from a bush planted by Prince Philip during his and the Queen’s visit to Ceylon in 1954.
En cherchant la recette du gâteau, j'ai trouvé le concours et les 5 recettes, le gagnant ne sera révélé que le 13 septembre. Aucun ne ressemble au gâteau Reine Elizabeth que je fais depuis l'adolescence.

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Fortnum & Mason a créé un Queen thé pour souligner ce record