15 avril 2010

Her Majesty

Dans One Man's Empire, Geoffrey Bird campe justement un planteur de thé de Ceylan dont le succès pourrait connaître un couronnement grâce à sa participation à l'Exposition universelle de Londres, fictivement placée en 1886.

« Weve worked hard for this, » he said. « It should make all the difference when they come to choose which three companies are going to compete for the Royal Warrant. Weve got packets for sale here and Tondip’s is available in the Colonial dining room. Just through the arch over there there is a special tea-room area and Tondip’s is on sale there too. »

A sudden buzz of excitement further down the Teas and Coffees hall made Butler turn. A flustered man hurried past.

« She’s coming , » he was saying excitedly.

Geoffrey Bird One Man's Empire Macmillan New Writing 2008

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