16 mai 2014

Chai chai chai

 Les élections ont eu lieu, du 7 avril au 12 mai. On entendra beaucoup parler du fils du chai wallah dont le parti vient d'obtenir une majorité absolue.
Modi, fils d'un vendeur de thé, 63 ans, a monopolisé l'attention pendant toute la campagne électorale, promettant d'incarner un pouvoir fort à même de relancer l'économie indienne tout en gommant son passé de leader nationaliste hindou controversé.  http://www.lapresse.ca/international/asie-oceanie/201405/16/01-4767192-inde-majorite-absolue-pour-les-nationalistes-de-modi.php
 Enter the 'chai wallah' Narendra Modi, a man who had, for long, evoked extreme emotions. He was either loved or loathed but he always maintained a studied silence .

The fact that a man who was crucified, almost, for his alleged role in Gujarat riots, a man abhorred by the media till recently and castigated by the 'secular' intelligentsia has managed to claw his way into the hallowed precincts of Lutyen's Delhi is no mean feat.

The 'Modi wave' has hyperbolized from the tea cup that Gujarat was, to the ocean that India is. From North to South to East and West, Narendra Modi magic has crossed traditional political boundaries to emerge like a force that has not been seen in generations in India. http://zeenews.india.com/news/general-elections-2014/analysis/narendra-modi-one-man-and-a-million-hopes_921121.html

But not of all of Vadnagar is so impressed by its most famous son today.
At the town railway station, where the young Narendra Modi used to help his father sell cups of tea on the trains that stopped there, some gathering around the tea stalls feel he had let the area down. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-27433277

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Thé noir a dit...


Thé noir a dit...

http://indianexpress.com/article/india/vadnagar-railway-station-dresses-up-in-tea-cups-pm-photos-schemes-4879813/ Première visite de Modi à son village natal